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This has been quite an adventure for me considering that before "x-stitch days of the week" I didn't even know how to e-mail and now I have my own web page.

I live in Peoria, Illinois with my husband Ed, 2 sons Dan and Steve, and my daughter, Anne. I am 64 years old and have been sewing for about 52 years. I have had my Viking 1+ since last January 1997 and I am really enjoying it...can you tell?  In 2001 I purchased a designer, it's great.

I am giving you this x-stitch lamb because it represents to me the Lamb of God, who is in my heart and who has my heart.

My hope is to have a web site that will be very interesting to you with designs, sewing ideas, and methods on teaching children to sew, all the while helping them learn how to live. I also plan on having guest writers who will help us live an abundant life. You will be receiving a treasure of designs that will relate to the different areas of the web pages. I hope you will enjoy.

In His Love, Marilyn Schmidt

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